Development Update

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Development Update

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Hello everyone,

first of all, I hope all of you and your families are safe. We, like most of you, are bound to our houses. Hopefully your wonderful hobby helps you to pull through.

I am reaching out to you in order to give an insight on what we are doing in terms of development and what you can expect from us. For the people that don’t know me yet – my name is Andreas Breitschopp and I joined ProSim about two years ago in the role of CTO: Besides being part of the flight simulation world for many years I also hold a Privat Pilot License (PPL) and currently working on my Instrument Rating. As a computer scientist by profession being able to combine the technical knowledge with my joy about aviation makes ProSim the perfect place to be for me! :-)

My time so far has been exciting, and we have made great progress streamlining our development, implementation of new technologies and application of ProSim software for professional pilot training.

Despite ProSim working a lot more towards the professional training market, we do not forget about our original customers: In contrast to that a lot of features and functionalities that get implemented based on feedback from pilot training is built into our core products and thus everybody benefits from this.

Over the upcoming months we plan to implement several new features and improve existent functionality of both our products. The following list gives a quick overview on what we are currently busy with:

  • Recently we incorporated the World Magnetic Model into our A320 product: This replaces the old Prepar3D data with a model also used in modern avionics systems aboard real aircraft.
  • Right now, our new A320 Prepar3D flight model featuring a completely reworked visual model and making use of latest Prepar3D v4.5 PBR rendering features is available in beta already and will be officially released with the next ProSimA320 release.
  • Direct integration of Active Sky weather radar: This will remove the need of FSUIPC to be able to use the Active Sky based weather radar simulation.
  • We are adding support for time-based navigation. This allows pilots to place time-based constraints on waypoints. To achieve this functionality, large parts of the internal timing code in the FMS was rewritten to be more accurate.
  • Heavily working on our new 737 MAX product introduced at FS Weekend.
  • In the course of that many systems of the current 737 NG are being fully re-implemented which is a lot of work right now but will ensure even better product quality and maintainability for the future. This includes the FMS/autopilot with a completely new and much more detailed LNAV/VNAV implementation, and all panels will be moved to ProSimDisplay (thus ProSimMCP and ProSimPanel will no longer be needed making setups even easier).
  • We did start sending out internal MAX beta versions to some partners already. First public beta versions are expected to be available soon as well.
  • All these new implementations and enhancements will get backported to our 737 NG product and thus all our existent 737 customers benefit from this as well. That is also the reason we are currently delaying certain 737 NG product improvements as those will get done together with the new implementation coming from the MAX product.
  • SimConnect will also be fully supported (finally!) without the detour over FSUIPC as soon as ProSimMCP is gone.
  • The World Magnetic Model will be added to ProSim737 as well.
Both products:
  • Improved integration of Active Sky weather engine:
    It will be possible to configure ProSim in a way that weather information is sent and received directly from Active Sky. This ensure weather changes are much more reliable when the Active Sky weather engine is used.
New ProSim IOS:
  • A new ProSim IOS application with detailed, real-time moving map, weather control, remote control of network computers and much more will be available soon.
  • This will be a further development, optimized for ProSim based on FS-FlightControl.
  • It’s a native Windows application, touch-optimized with remote control options using an Android and iOS app.
We often get questions about support for the upcoming Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 platform:
Also we are excited about Microsoft getting back into the flight simulator world, closely watching the developments of this new platform (being part of the alpha testing group ourselves) and I can ensure you that we do plan to support this as early as possible.

In terms of compatibility to Prepar3D v5 we have released a beta update today for both products:
This allows ProSimA320 and ProSim737 to connect to Prepar3D v5 already, BGL scenery scanning support will be added in a few days as well.

I hope the above gives you a better picture of where we are going, also if you do not see what we are currently working on or if you are waiting for improvements to come through. If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to me. Unfortunately, many events got cancelled now due to the Coronavirus, but it would be my pleasure to meet you in person at one of the next events hopefully soon.

Best regards

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