Welcome AlexV!

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Welcome AlexV!

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Hello everybody,

It’s a great pleasure to announce to you that a little while ago our development team has grown with an additional member who I’m now announcing as he will also be active in the forum:

Alexander Vostres – forum handle AlexV
Alex is a .NET developer for 8 years with fairly diversified experience. That includes game development background (he's especially proud of being part of Microsoft Minesweeper team), software architecture, desktop applications, some C++, a little bit of web (and more!).

His free time is spent mostly in the garage building race cars (sometimes even driving them) and having various engineering-related fun.

He is working full-time for ProSim-AR, improving our core systems like rendering technology and adding new things like the intercom functionality, working on both aircraft types. You will also see him around here in the forum but please use his time wiseley ;) He’s a developper and should focus on either developping or discussing what he is developping, please don’t PM him for general support enquiries but just post or write to support@prosim-ar.com.

Big welcome to AlexV!

Have a nice weekend, Hanne

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