New ProSimAudio 2

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New ProSimAudio 2

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It is time for a highly anticipated release....

The new ProSimAudio 2 application has reached its open beta phase.

How to install it?
Update Prosim to minimum system versions:
- ProSimB738 3.22b5
- ProSimA322 1.58b6
ProSimB38M will be ready at a later stage
Above these versions, if ProSimAudio2 is running, it will follow the regular update process. But for the first time, you need to manually install it.
You can download from the links below (they are the min version required as stated above): Inside the zip file, there is a new ProSimAudio2 zip file. Just install it as any regular ProSim module.

Known issues:
- Input change not always applied live (application restart needed in this case).
- Longer application loading time (especially when using custom sounds).
- Navaid identification markers not in sync (if you want to listen the same navaid on both captain and f/o speakers)
- Audio keeps playing when ProSimSystem closes.
- Auto fade for custom sounds is not working properly

While this may technically work to some degree we do not support using old and new ProSimAudio at the same time.
ProSimAudio config is NOT compatible with ProSimAudio2 and there is no import facility. So, do not try to use the same config file.

ProSim Audio 2 supports output groups and channel selection.
It is now possible to use just one prosim audio application to all sounds as we now support output groups and channels.
By default all sounds will be played on windows default device.
To redirect a sound to a specific device, open the config and create a group, then select the device and channels. Save it and select the device from the audio list for the sound you want to redirect to that device.

For support, use ticketing system. Please provide as much info as necessary.

Manual HERE

Humberto Miguel

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