Opencockpit Audio Panel DIY how to .. thread #1

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Opencockpit Audio Panel DIY how to .. thread #1

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hI guys.. Not sure how to type this but I'll try my best.. I'm really not good at explaining how I did this or other but feel free to ask me and I'll try my best to explain what I have left out ... I have put descriptions in the pictures while I was making the audio panel and others so this way the picture(s) might explain it's self more better ..

anyway, I build the opencockpit audio panel which lights up the buttons when a switch is pressed so we can see whhich switch is engaged .. Of course I am using the opencockpit;s master card to connect all this.. what else ... O ya, for the captain side I used green color and for the F/O side I used amber (orange) color.. All led's are 5mm flat top led's and I believe I used 470R ristors 1/4 watt or something like that for each led.. They are bright but they do look nice in the dark and there is very little bleeding.. and even with the little bleeding, that can be very easily fix, but this little bleeding doesnt bother me at all and plus that little bleeding does give it that extra nice look .. hehehe!!!

I have also done the Cargo fire panel and well as the Fire Handle panel and the radio panel (only changed the display digits from white to red.. will show you how on that one too), all from opencockpit which I will be posting very shortly after this one.. I just need to edit out some pictures and then post them but here is the audio panel one ...

so here are the pictures. .. I hope I can upload them if not smeone can give me suggestion as to hw to post these pictures...


I have created a 2nd thread labeled Opencockpit Audio Panel DIY how to .. thread #2 ... because this thread can only handle a max of 10 pictures.. I have 18 pic in total ...
The remaining 8 pictures are on this 2nd thread ... let me see if I can post the link ...

here's the 2nd thread ..." onclick=";return false;
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