Virtual Avionics MCP-R + EFIS

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Virtual Avionics MCP-R + EFIS

Post by christiankatz »

Good Afternoon Everyone!

I am pleased to become part of the Prosim Community and want to thank you for all the valued information on the forum, its really helpful!

I bought Virtual Avionics MCP and Efis a few years back and it worked fine with FSX and PMDG 737.

I am currently setting up my cockpit build (P3D v4.5, Prosim 3) and having issues with the MCP/EFIS set up. It looks like VA in Brazil may no longer be operational and their instructions for set up are for previous versions of Prosim (when ProsimMCP was a different module). Non the less I have downloaded their VAInterface, have it installed but when I load it, it aborts with message 'SimConnect .dll' not found. My Simconnect is listed in Prosim System, so not sure where problem is...

Also, in relation to Virtual Avionics instructions when configuring with prosim, there is a box for 'other MCP', however in Prosim737 v3, does not look like that is an option.

So basically is anyone using their set up of Prosim737 v3 with VA MCP and EFIS, and if so how have you managed to get it up and running? ANY help and advice would be very much appreciated :)

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Re: Virtual Avionics MCP-R + EFIS

Post by babs737 »

Hi. I just see your message.
I have the same problem. Can't contact VA.
Do you found solution ?

Thanks in advance
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