Boeing 737NG Flight Procedures Training Manual updated

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Boeing 737NG Flight Procedures Training Manual updated

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*** New updated full Boeing "737NG Flight Manual - Cold & Dark to Shutdown" and new "Quickflight" Manual added

In 2018, I was lucky enough to obtain a 1:1 scale Flightdeck Solutions 737 Cockpit as my retirement present.

Although a private pilot with a few hours on a Cessna 150 and 172, I had never sat in the cockpit of a real 737 or even looked at it in any Sim. This started a massive learning curve and a search for a single manual that I could use, especially whilst in the sim and trying to fly. It needed to be somewhat simplified to follow and answer the many questions regarding switches, dials and steps I would have to master. Whilst I found a number of excellent resources (some of the best listed in the manual), an actual one stop manual that would provide accurate real flight procedures that I could use whilst in the sim, following a proper step by step approach, from cold & dark to shut-down, and with diagrams was significantly lacking.

So over the last 18 months and as the learning continues, I have put together the latest update of what is now a 99 page one stop manual following the official steps of Boeings 737 FCOM (Flight Crew Operating Manual) using Prosim737. It's designed to offer a starting point for beginner's (esp me) that follows the Boeing 737 FCOM steps (modified as close as possible for a single pilot), and it gives the basic reasons for every step that you want and need to know to be a better and safer sim pilot of the 737NG. It may even be a benefit for more experienced 737 simmers as a refresher. And despite being written for Prosim737, it is more than usable and accurate for the PMDG 737, Zibo 737, and other 737 products.

To assist in learning the manual's procedures, it is strongly recommended that as you go through the manual page by page for the first time, you also watch doofer911's YouTube series on the 737 to visually see each step in the manual being performed. Of all the many resources (checklists, booklets, youtube videos, etc), on-line and published, doofer911 is the only resource that I could find that accurately followed the official Boeing 737 FCOM.

There is also now a super reduced version of the full Flight Manual. Beware however that this only includes in the step by step process, the switches and dials you need to touch. From cold & dark to take-off, it takes as little as 10 minutes, but it offers no additional information such as the whys of any step. It also emits any mention of any switches and dials (and their correct light configurations) that you do not need to touch, but should check to ensure that they are correctly positioned. And there are no diagrams. Therefore understanding the full 99 page Flight Manual first before the using the Quickflight Manual is absolutely essential.

Hopefully this one stop Flight Manual may help others like me, also trying to understand and learn to fly the 737 as per Boeing's official standards, allow you to have sitting on you knee, a simple manual (with diagrams) that you can follow easily from cold & dark to shutdown whilst flying the 737 in your simulator.

Happy reading.
737NG Flight Manual - Cold & Dark To Shutdown.pdf
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    Re: Boeing 737NG Flight Procedures Training Manual updated

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    Thanks Anthony
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    Re: Boeing 737NG Flight Procedures Training Manual updated

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    Re: Boeing 737NG Flight Procedures Training Manual updated

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    Thank you
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    Re: Boeing 737NG Flight Procedures Training Manual updated

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    Re: Boeing 737NG Flight Procedures Training Manual updated

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    Great work, thank you.
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    Re: Boeing 737NG Flight Procedures Training Manual updated

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    A lot of time has been expended producing these documents. Thank you.

    I want to point out that airline policy and environment often reflect on how and when certain procedures are completed. There is considerable variance in how to fly the 737. ✈️

    These documents will assist those who do not have access to the Boeing FCTM and FCOM for the 737NG.

    Excellent work. Warmest Regards, WilloW
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    Re: Boeing 737NG Flight Procedures Training Manual updated

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    I agree, nice job. Thanks for the efforts.

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    Re: Boeing 737NG Flight Procedures Training Manual updated

    Post by Carl »

    I have a copy of the 737NG Flight Manual (Cold & Dark To Shutdown). I am considering purchasing TOPCAT and PFPX. I will be using ProSim 5.0 with Prepar3D. My question is, Can TOPCAT and PFPX be configured with ProSim ACARS. Meaning will ProSim FMC receive Take-Off and Landing data and weather info from PFPX via ProSim FMC ACARS? Also, do you have instructions on how to set up two programs in ProSim.
    Thank you in advance,
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