Question about connecting and wiering

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Question about connecting and wiering

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i am rebuilding my complete Sim...a lot of work.
Now i am at a point where i have the Overhead Harware and Panels complete and
now it is the Point to wire the Cables and connect them to my Opencockpits Cards.

About this i have a Question:
When i have, as example, a Switch with 3 Positions, lets say the IRS Switch on the Navigation Panel.
This Switch has 3 Positions, Both on L, Normal and Both on R.

Now the Question, what is the CCORRECT and Best way to connect them to the Opencockpits Master Card?
Have i to connect 3 Cables or is it enough to connect only 2 Cables for Both on L and Both on R because Normal
is the standard Position of the Switch?
Can i run in Problems later if i connect only 2 Cables?
Maybe undefined or wrong Switch positions ( Software position not the same as the Hardware Position maybe )

I hope i explained correct and can get a answer
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