Changes to Flight Illusion Gauge Driver in 1.05

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Changes to Flight Illusion Gauge Driver in 1.05

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We have recently updated our A320 simulator from a beta to the latest stable release (1.05b40 to 1.05).

Since the update the ProSimA320 System software shows the Flight Illusion Gauges board as disconnected. I am still able to see the correct COM port in the device manager and can connect to that with the Flight Illusion Simulator Control Program and I can drive the gauge(compass) from their software. Just when I assign it in ProSim it constantly shows disconnected.

I saw this in the changelog for 1.05:
"– Flight Illusion driver upgraded to native FT232. Please reconfigure driver"

Could you please explain to me what the process for reconfiguring the driver actually is? I'm not sure what they mean by this. I have tried updating the FT232 driver for this device from to the latest but still the problem remains.

Regards, Roger
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