EFIS MODE & RANGE not work

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EFIS MODE & RANGE not work

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Hi to all,

at my cockpitsonic EFIS panel the most switches and knobs are working fine.
Only the knobs for MODE and Range don´t work.
The range is changed by the mode knobs and the range knobs are still dead.
Same to the SWITCHING PANEL. No one of the knobs are working.
I check all the knobs in the EHID-Tester and all works fine.
As I call the support, they told me it can´t be. All must be worked fine, there are no problems known.
I´m confused about it, because the Test program showes me that all is ok.
Also just before ProSim I worked with Project Magenta and there were all fine.

So any one else with that problems or any ideas?
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