Excessive fuel usage

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Excessive fuel usage

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Hallo Lapi,

Yesterday I made a flight in MSFS from Copenhagen to Amsterdam. Somewhere over Germany I got a FUEL LOW warning. I checked and indeed the tanks were pretty low. I noticed that the fuel flow was over 3000 kg/h per engine. I had to divert to Lelystad and landed with only 360 kg in the tanks.

Anyway, I repeat the same flight today at then current conditions.

In MSFS with A320 version 1.45b5 at TOBIS 4100 KG/H, N1= 89.4 and at LANGO (cruise) 3140 KG/H, N1=76,4.
In P3Dv5.1 plus ActiveSky at TOBIS 2360 KG/H, N1 =90,1 and at LANGO (cruise) 1060 KG/H, N1 =78,6.

I hope this can be fixed.

Best regards

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