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Re: Version 1.01

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In the beginning when the first MSFS version was released I reported the same issue. In my case it is happening randomly without changing anything in the view window (I can't even remember that I ever touched it with the ProSim plane). As Totti described reloading the flight helps sometimes.
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Re: Version 1.01

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Lapi wrote: 27 Dec 2020, 00:46
totti01 wrote: 26 Dec 2020, 23:00 Please look at the picture. Thats tge outside view. I did a reset in the camera views. I dont't now how it would be possible to mixed up the drone-cam and the outside-view.
It's very easy to mix up the two views, because the End and the Ins keys both have a double function.
How the pilots get in front of the plane in your setup: I have no idea unfortunately.
It never happened and is simply not reproducible.

Lapi, you are right. it's not reproducible. It's gone from yesterday to today. The pilots are in the cockpit now and I don't know why......
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